Kirkburton History Group

The History Group was formed at The Hub Community Centre in early 2011. After mounting an exhibition to show how life in the village had changed over the past sixty years as part of our celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, it was found to be more convenient to meet at the local library for better parking facilities and easier access to reference material.

The group operates weekly meetings on a semi-informal basis with one formal meeting per month. All meetings are held on Fridays starting at 10am in Kirkburton Library and newcomers are very welcome. There is a common interest in history in general but particularly in local history. The membership has changed over the years but there are still 12 active members at any one time.

The group is eager to use a wide range of historical sources relating to the area. Members are always willing to share their knowledge and expertise and assist in any necessary training for research purposes. It is appreciated that not everyone wished to undertake research tasks themselves, but they will still have memories, knowledge and artefacts that can be useful and valuable. 

As the centenary of the beginning of World War One drew near, some members worked hard to produce a database record for all the men from the Kirkburton and Highburton villages who had served and survived the conflict, or who had served and died.


Kirkburton is a township of around 4,600 people comprising the two main villages of Kirkburton and Highburton, plus several scattered hamlets. It lies 5 miles south east of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire; formerly the old West Riding of Yorkshire.

North Road

The photograph shows North Road, in the centre of Kirkburton, during the 1900’s. Today there is a pedestrian crossing where the gas light stands but apart from that the view remains very much the same.

Village Cross

The photograph above shows the Smith’s Arms and the Highburton Village Market Cross in about 1900.

The Silence Of The Guns

Kirkburton Memorial Board

A memorial board was commissioned with a generous grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and it is mounted on the rear wall of the Library. Another board, bearing the names of the women who worked for the war effort as Voluntary Aid Detachment volunteers (VADs) registered with the Red Cross, has also been erected close to the men’s board.

The Group provided a Drama History Workshop for a local school to imagine the impact on the lives of some of the people connected to the village during World War One. It is hoped that similar work can be extended to other groups in the community in the future.

On the evening of 08 November 2018, the Group organised a commemorative concert, ‘The Silence of the Guns’, which was held at All Hallows Church, Kirkburton to celebrate the Centenary of the Armistice and to remember the contribution made by the people of Kirkburton and Highburton during the Great War.

A website has also been set up and will be maintained as part of the original agreement with the Heritage Lottery Fund. The website documents how World War One affected the people of Kirkburton and Highburton and their role in the war effort, has many interesting photographs, maps and local stories about the area.

It is intended in future to focus on many different aspects of Kirkburton and High burton’s history to suit different ages and interests.

The members of Kirkburton History Group hope you find the site interesting and worth visiting. Please contact us if you have any comments about the website or if you find any mistakes which we will be happy to correct.